Election Results - Year 2019
Monday, December 10, 2018


Congratulations to the following 2019 elected positions.



Fire Line

Chief - Joey Marker
Deputy Chief - Michael Greco
1st Asst. Chief - Boe Virdin
2 Asst. Chief - Jeremy Virdin
EMS Captain - Michael Jenkins




President - Benny O'neal
Vice President - Justin Grimminger
Secretary - Samantha Boots
Treasurer - Michael Boots


Board Of Directors ;
Michael Boots (Virtue of Office)
Sam Boots 
Mike Greco
Justin Grimminger (Virtue of Office)
Joey Marker (Virtue of Office)
Benny O'neal (Virtue of Office)
Boe Virdin
Jeremy Virdin
Ronnie Virdin

Congratulations once again to the elected individuals to fill these crucial roles, allowing the company to better serve the community.

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