Tanker 53 is a 2018 Spartan Gladiator Engine Tanker. It holds a crew of 6, 3000 gallons of water and a 1500 gpm pump. The tanker houses basic engine tools, so it can act as a first due engine.


2010 Spartan Metro Star


1993 Spartan Galdiator - New Lexington

Engine-53 (Retired)

1986 Kenworth 4-Guys

Tanker 53 (retired)

1973 White Road Boss - 1979 4-Guys

Brush 53

2015 RAM 3500 equipped with essential forestry lines and a 200 gallon tank. Brush 53-0 is also equipped with a homatro rescue tool to assist in Motor Vehicle Colisions in inclement weather.

Ambulance A-53

2013 Dodge - Road Rescue

Command 53

Command 53 is a 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, It is used for providing a mobile command center for the Duty Officer in command.

Utility 53-8

2013 Dodge Ram

53 Marine 1

Van 53

53-10 Serves as a rehab unit for emergencies, as well as a personnel carrier back and forth to the Delaware State Fire School

53 Marine 2

2006 Xpress

Special Operations 2

Special Operations 2 is a support trailer for the Kent County Special Operations Team. The trailer carries lumber and miscellaneous equipment for trench and structural collapse emergencies.

(Ret. ) UTV 53

This gas powered golf cart was converted into an off road support vehicle, it was used for multiple events and situations that larger vehicle cannot access. UTV 53 has the capability of being a fire suppresion unit, or a medical aide unit. UTV 53 was decomissioned in August of 2017 and was sold to a private party.

(Ret.) Brush 53-0

1986 AM General Hummer

(Ret.) 53-2

2001 International- New Lexington

(Ret.) Ambulance B-53

2000 Ford American Lafrance Ambulance

(Ret.) Rescue 53-6

1977 American Lafrance

(Ret.) Engine 53-3

1973 Ford C / Hahn

(Ret.) Brush 53-0

1967 Dodge Power Wagon

(Ret.) Engine 53-4

1964 Ford C/ American Lafrance

(Ret.) Engine 53-2

1952 GMC Oren

(Ret.) Engine 53-1

929 Hahn

(Ret.) Ambulance A-53

1985 Ford/ Wheeled Coach

(Ret.) Ambulance B-53

1976 Chevy / Wolfington

(Ret.) Ambulance B-53

1967 Cadillac

(Ret.) Marine 53-1

1989 C-Hawk

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